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BellaVista NorthCoast

Before entering # summer and high prices, opportunity for young people with the lowest price # in the coastline # north bought # apartments before # marina in 5 minutes # your house throughout the year instead of paying # rent a lot of money in a day ... in #Bella_Vista Residence we guarantee you your right ... ✔ Credibility and security: Land registered in real estate month and licensed by the city ✔ spaces fit all requirements: from 37 meters up to 120 meters ✔ convenient rates and payment methods: 15% offered without any other contract payments and premium of 60 months ✔ unit 37 meters and 21 thousand pounds and the premium is 1300 pounds ✔ Special location: in the heart of the northern coast - the city of the bathroom - before the Marina in five minutes ✔ Delivery: Work on site, final final delivery 2017 (mentioned in the contract) delivery of the end of 2018 (mentioned in the contract). For reservations and inquiries contact 01066651681 - 01001443225